Are You a ‘Hobby’ Speaker? 7 Questions to ask yourself…

I’ve been sitting back and listening to a lot of my friends asking, “what should I do about….?”.  It seems to come up in almost every situation. And in almost all instances, asking that question is a result of 2 key things:

1. You have not defined what’s truly important to you, or

2. You have identified what’s important, but it conflicts with 1 or more priority items.

Granted, we are human, and this is life, so most things aren’t as cut & dry as that, or that simple.  But if you look deep enough, it can usually fit into 1 of those 2 categories.  I’ve been living that the last 3 weeks, and have found centering on those 2 key questions has helped me get to the right decisions.  To get to what’s truly important & what I want to focus on, I’ve created an excel decision matrix based loosely on project evaluator tools I used for determining which is the best project to work on for that time period and available funds.

For my speakers friends though, I’ve found something that is equally important.  They haven’t decided to be a

business speaker: someone focused on doing what it takes to grow their speaking business
  They choose to remain ‘hobby’ speakers.
Hobby speakers are just learning with no clear direction or purpose, speaking just for fun.

Hobby speakers spend a lot of time and money on products & services to get better, to make money, etc.  They spend a lot of time & money looking for the silver bullet.  How would you like to become a business speaker, start making real speaking progress, and stop wasting money on products & services for which you aren’t seeing the real return? Go through the questions below to see where you stand first.

How can you tell if you are a Hobby Speaker or not? Here are “7 Questions to Determine Your Speaker Status”:

  1. Have you selected, or do you have identified, at least 2 Keynote Topics (meaning, your ‘expert-level’, can-give-in-your-sleep-topics) – your specialty?
  2. Have you defined your unique differences? What differences do you bring to your topics? Why you?
  3. Do you know what you want to achieve with these keynotes? (Make money, Build products, Expand your side related products, Get Promoted at work, Build a list / following, Switch Careers, Build expert status, etc.)
  4. Do you know the amount of money you would need / like to achieve to make it worthwhile? If you’re not speaking for the money – you are speaking for ‘something’.  Have you identified how much of ‘that’ you need?
  5. Are you willing to devote the needed time to build a business / business mindset? At least 5 hours a week, with the recommended time of at least 12 hours per week?
  6. Do you know why you want to do this?
  7. Do you have a strategy or set of goals?

If you answered Yes to all of the above – CONGRATULATIONS! You’re a ‘business’ speaker!  And if you are not getting the results you want, identifying changes / actions to help grow your business is easy, simply based on your answers from the above.

If you answered at least 1 No, you’re a hobby speaker. If you only have 3 or less No’s, depending on which they are – investing sometime to address will help you get to the next level and up your game relatively quickly.   If you have more than 3 No’s, I recommend you get to those answers before you do anything else; especially before spending anymore time & money on other products or services such as Promotional Materials, logo or website, educational DVDs or seminars.

Knowing the answers to above, and knowing if you are a hobby or business speaker, helps you answer the question “What should I do about….” (speaking for free but having to travel, buying this new dvd set, creating a video or…).

Don’t be a Hobby Speaker – Up your game – You have the skills and the power! Make this the year of significant progress!




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