April: Spring Into Action

We’re overdue for something new at the Bureau.

And here it is: It’s time to UP our game.

Why?  Three reasons:

1. Competition – Competition from “experts” who are now speaking. Rae-Ann has been telling me this for a year. When she goes to her weekly meetings, Marketing and Social Media, she hears the leaders reminding the attendees to give presentations to attract new business. Wow! Sounds like what we want to do.

            1.b  Companies getting involved in filmmaking. OC Metro magazine reported that: “Company branded films and commercials with bold storytelling, high-quality production values and innovative engagement” are on the rise.  What does that mean to you? Companies are not hiring random, average speakers as much anymore, since they are training from within AND hiring only those with credentials and experience.

2. Shorter attention span of audience: due to fast-paced communication experiences & new technology.

Sure, you’ve heard about the fast-action video games. TV and movies jumping from scene to scene. We see a whole story in a short commercial. Studies have recently proven that the attention span has dropped significantly.

3. New communication knowledge: There are new studies, research and brain scans to figure out what gets our attention and keeps our attention.  Interpretation of these brain scans during communication are yielding new information about how people process and engage.

The brain is not stimulated by the outline or steps or logic of your presentation. It’s the emotion created. Using one delivery style will no longer cut it.

So what do I mean …?

Account for a short attention span by mixing up your delivery: Talk, provide some  audience activity, refer to PowerPoint slides, utilize a flip-chart, present a video, engage with audience activity again, include a Q&A, …

Don’t make the audience do too much thinking – they will tune out (unless they REALLY want to change, or learn).

Get a current book that incorporates new thinking on how our brain reacts to the presentations & communication, there are several new ones out there.

So what will you do to Spring into Action?  Come to our April Bureau meeting for the best 3 hours of your month, and see what you can do to UP your game!

To your Speaking Success,



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