March: Reality Check!

Reality CheckReality Check: as much as I like that expression, I cringe at it’s overuse – but darn, it still has value. I see the Speakers Bureau as a Reality Check for aspiring speakers. Here’s an example.

I’m hearing more and more about a speaker saying “yes” to speak on a topic they know very little about. I’m all for Stage Time, but at least make it near your area of expertise. The speaker will “read up on it” and go. I admire the guts, but where’s the study, the research, the surveys, the lessons from past presentations, etc?

That’s ok at a low-level presentation, but use caution above that. I’ve seen where audience members answered questions better than the speakers! Eek! Speaking of your audience? Don’t they deserve an expert?

That 10,000-hours thing keeps popping up. You know, the one that says you’re not an expert till you’ve “lived” your 10k hours. I don’t mean to wait for 9500 hours to get started. Just choose your topic and audience wisely.

I’m often reminded of how much there really is to know about public speaking. A hint came years ago when my friend Brian Adams moved back East to pursue his speaking business full time. We talked DAILY on public-speaking stuff.  Whether it was the big things or the subtle things, he lived it and shared it with me. Two years of daily conversation on the business of public speaking !!! Think about it !

My intent isn’t to scare you away from speaking. It’s to encourage you to keep learning. The Bureau is here to help. And, we offer plenty of opportunity for you to speak and build your hours.

Please spread the word about the Bureau. It’s the reality check the novice, aspiring speakers need. Don’t let them learn the hard way – or not at all !!!

To your Speaking Success,


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