February: Power of Practice

LACE was in January. I spoke, as did Kevin Graham and Michael Varma.

I did an encore performance of the Networking presentation I’d done six months ago. Those four presentations, plus once to an outside group, were priceless experience toward a better version this time. There’s a different concentration after you’ve given your presentation eight times. Such as really reaching the audience – changing their lives for the better. Giving them something they can apply tomorrow and remember for years. Because the presentation involved them, not just a speaker speaking.

This is the aim of the Bureau. To get you to the given-the-talk-8-times delivery. It isn’t going to happen at the first delivery.

For the Bureau or your “signature” speech, create the presentation that is YOU. Tweak it. Give it at your club – several times. Use the Speaker Exchange program and give it to other clubs. Then give it at the Bureau. Then give it outside the Bureau. Lourdes just went through all that. Talk to her.

When are you ready? After eight presentations? I don’t know the magic number, but I know it’s not two. To watch a polished speaker giving their presentation the 20th time is pure magic. They are so smooth. So entertaining. And most likely funny. Why?

They concentrated less on their material and more on their audience.

New humor came up naturally during prior presentations (because they were comfortable enough with their current material)

Past audiences actually have added NEW humor (due to comfort level created by speaker)

My speaker/friend Brian Adams says: “If you’re concerned about your material before your presentation, you shouldn’t be giving it.” Ouch! I hope he means before a paid presentation. As aspiring (free) speakers, some uneasiness or concern is probably normal. But the more preparation (and especially experience!), the less uneasiness. In Brian’s free speeches, he performs as if he’s getting paid $1000.

So, nobody in the Bureau ever gets to say, “I can talk about anything!” Yes, in your club, but not to the real world – they are too demanding.

As our friend Darren says, and means, Stage time, stage time, stage time!


P.S.  Kevin Graham took on a subject that I thought had the Kiss of Death written all over it. I thought it came with an insurmountable boring factor: Robert’s Rules of Order. He rocked!  He made the darn thing enjoyable. He brought it into our Toastmasters clubs or any meeting. He made it relevant, valuable, usable, etc.

Michael Varma was doing his encore performance as well. S M O O T H !!!

Where will you be giving your next speech?

See you at the Bureau!



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