7 Awesome Resources for Speakers

At January’s Speakers Bureau meeting, I provided several resources and challenged the speakers to research and book gigs for themselves.  I challenge my career management coaching clients that same way, to find information about companies they would like to work at, to provide services for, or to contact for more information.  For those clients, I recommend a minimum of 20 hours per company that is at the top of their lists. I recommend that our Speakers Bureau members do the same if they are looking to broaden their horizons this year and get paid to speak!

As a research aficionado myself, I have found these resources to be immensely useful.  They are available at any public library’s reference section, and some available online. Reference USA offers a tremendous amount of company information.  If you are a small business owner as well as an aspiring speaker, you may want to check this resource out.

Below are all the resources I recommend you start using this weekend to identify speaking, writing, and business leads.  If you are too busy with preparing your speeches and working – I am always available to do the research for you and provide valuable lists for you to use (for a nominal fee of course – a girl has to eat!, as well as subsidize the work done on this site!)

Here are the resources you should start using immediately.  I personally use the Newport Beach library – an awesome place, as is the Huntington Beach library, but all should have access for you if you have a library card.

  1. Encyclopedia of Associations: a listing of over 150,000 Groups, Trade Associations, Cultural & Religious Organizations, Fan clubs, etc. It provides leader names and contact information, website(s), publications etc. A tremendously valuable resource for finding places to speak and places to submit your articles.
  2. Reference USA database: online access to companies across the US, with the ability to search specifically by company industry, size, etc. Provides leader names and numbers, website, address, high level financial information and more.  Very useful for many items.  Also shows competitors, and some news items.
  3. OC Book of Lists: specifically for Orange County, but offers a plethora of information on the companies available there.
  4. The Orange County Business Journal: I like searching this for companies I am targeting to get more information about the latest going on with their leaders and company involvement, activities & issues.  Helps me to be more relevant when trying to contact them or for speaking to them.
  5. There are also other online news databases which provide supporting information for those companies you are targeting, to provide more relevant information, and to create a more well rounded picture of the organization and its leaders.
  6. HARO:  help a reporter out. Great little tool which offers a query posting service to assist  people looking for individuals with expertise or experiences.  Also provides you, the speaker, with a tool to look for resources. It can also help you find partners or items to offer people at your seminars and workshops. And so much more.
  7. LinkedIn: yes, you read that right! LinkedIn advanced search capabilities allow you to targets groups, companies, and individuals by title or function – and allows you to immediately connect by seeing if you have a shared connection, group, etc. and may allow you to get a quicker response.  Provides information for better networking by finding and establishing some commonality. For more info on how to use LinkedIn to enhance networking, check out Victor’s post on Enhancing Networking.

As you can see, there is really no excuse why you cannot be connecting with people to have you speaking by next month & getting in front of the people who need to hear your message.

If you need help, or would like me to do some searches for you, just shoot me an email!

As always, if you know of other valuable resources for our group, please do not hesitate to add a comment and let us know!



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