Multiplier Effect

How would you like to have a multiplier effect and leave a legacy?

Todays post is courtesy of Hugh MacLeod and the  I have posted on him before, in a post titled Making Traction,  but today’s post is relevant to the EDU I presented on 1.11.12.

I cannot tell you what to do.  Lord KNOWS – people have tried millions of times to tell me what to do, to no avail.  In fact, it actually has the opposite effect,  Is that the way it is with you too?

That’s why Hugh’s post today is so timely.  As speakers, as leaders, when we inspire, people will follow.

I can only inspire you….and that is the intention of all my EDU presentations to all of you.  You all have unique and special gifts and talents.  You need to be getting out there and getting your voice heard, so that it may inspire and motivate others; giving you an exponential effect of hitting your goals.

Making a change to / for yourself has an amazing effect. Just imagine that by sharing it – you have now added the multiplier effect – where chances for positive change are not only increased for you , but so so many others as well.

Wouldn’t you like to be part of that multiplier effect? Take your first step today!

  • draft that speech
  • practice it – seek a coach or practice partner
  • do a post on it
  • video it
  • announce it
  • present it!

Go inspire people!



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