10.5 Ways to Get Involved

Fellow Speakers Bureau members:

Our site is new / that much is true,  but the potential is great / and we’d like you to participate!

Ok, so a poet I am not.  Yet the point of that statement is still as important.  At January’s meeting EDU – I challenged all of you to up your game, and make this a year of exponential changes for you and your speaking career.  I didn’t use my slides, so you really couldn’t get an idea of all the options there are for you to participate in, especially here on our site.

So for those of you that were there, and also for those of you that couldn’t join us, here are some of the ways you can jump start your success, just by becoming an active member of this site and the group:

  1. If you see articles somewhere else, or listen to something that would be beneficial to everyone in the group – write an article and/or share the post / add your comments about it;
  2. Add your event to the calendar;
  3. Post a review of someone’s event that you attended and what you learned from it;
  4. When you have a post or have an event here, and it would appeal to your own group / list, or you’re starting to build your own group (on your website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), share  a comment with your tribe encouraging them to visit the Speakers Bureau site by including a link;
  5. Got something to say / share?  Schedule an interview, share a post, share your video here on the Speakers Bureau site – all can be linked back to your site / LinkedIn / Facebook, wherever you’d like;
  6. Share your pic / bio / topics – let people know you are a Qualified Speaker here.  We are working on a new badge for you to add to your site, to let them know you are a Speakers Bureau Qualified Speaker.  Even if you are not yet Qualified, but working your way up to be one, we can include you in our Rising Star section.  This helps you to start thinking of yourself as an expert and professional speaker – all part of up’g your game!
  7. Do an intro / bio post so people can get to know you, your topics.  If you’d prefer me to write / interview you – let me know.  I can do the initial draft for you, or set up the interview.
  8. If you’ve watched one of our speakers, and something they say strikes a cord – write a comment on it and why it mattered to you …. share the love, and the exposure, write a post on your site, our site….share the links;
  9. Go review other speakers, speeches, classes, events,  & share your opinions.  If you are having events – offer discounts for other speakers’ followers so you can get more people in the chairs & have it cross promoted;
  10. If you have a Twitter handle, send it to me so when there’s a post or mention about you, our handy, dandy little Dashter plugin will send you a Twitter mention so you & your readers can come check it out! (Also make sure to get me all your social media handles, so we can make sure they are on your bio section and your posts.  If you include a comment anywhere, you can include those handles as well for more people to check out your info).

Bonus, 10.5:  When we do collaborative posts, such as the one we did reviewing Ed Tate’s guest visit, or the one Victor is currently doing on Networking (visit his Collaboration Post here), add your comments and pic to improve your visibility and credibility!

Which will you be doing first?

Comment to this list if you have more!!


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