Weaving Stories into Your Speeches

As we near the time for our Workshop/Presentation from Ed Tate 7-9pm, 12/14, I searched for some relevant and varied evidence of the power of stories weaved into Speeches. I’ve curated the following Tweets from my Twitter stream, and looked at the contents presented.  I thought all 3 presented good examples to inspire you to come to our special guest visit, detailed here in Storytelling Workshop.


Craig ValentineCraig Valentine – @CraigProSpeaker
New Blog Post: : Intangibles of Speaking – 20 Ideas to Have Presence and Speak from the Heart http://t.co/XscptHKW

Craig details many interesting ideas for Having Presence and Speaking from the Heart in his blog post, but weaves in the following key points about stories:

  • There’s power in ‘reliving your stories, rather than telling them.’  Your audience wants to be in the moment with you and a powerful story relived will take them on a journey with you & place them in the scene.
  • ‘Emotionally being in your scene’ helps your audience connect with the story because YOU are connected with the story.
  • ‘Telling your story and admitting your flaws’ helps the audience connect with you.  People want to feel the human side of you.
  • ‘Being able to have a true dialogue with your audience’ – draw them in, help them connect.
  • Even within his post Craig uses a story to emphasize a point.
  • Finally, his point, “you’re only as good as your next speech” relies on you being able to engage & connect with each audience on its own merit. What you did before doesn’t matter as much as how well you will do with the audience directly in front of you.  Pull them in with the real power of your stories.


Sheryl RoushSheryl Roush – @SherylRoush
PUBLIC SPEAKING TIPS: Openers that Capture Attention
http://t.co/LcLMG4LN http://t.co/cmpp7I7Y

Sheryl points out that one of the ‘5 Deadly Sins of Openers’ is telling a story that is not related to the topic.  This comes down to preparation, research, and relevance of your speech components.  I am sure Ed’s workshop will help us avoid using our stories in the wrong way.


Darren LaCroixDarren LaCroix – @DarrenLaCroix
Check this video out — Toastmaster speakers # 1 mistake? http://t.co/aP34XbW via @youtube

And finally, a living, breathing example of stories in action.  See if you can spot where Darren uses them, and uses them effectively to underscore his points. He gets you to laugh, he gets you to understand, because he gets you to relate.  Besides the actual use of stories, he makes an extremely valid point that there is a process to it all, and you need to apply that process to the whole development of your speech.  Of which, stories are an instrumental part of that process of speech development and effectiveness.

Get your excuses out of your way! – Darren

Come and learn how to quickly and effectively create stories for your speeches, 12/14, 7-9pm, at our December monthly meeting. Click here for details. See you in the cookie line!!


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