Power of Creating Traction

Make a Trail. Create Some Traction.

Success and forward progress comes in many forms, but that traction isn’t created without continual, forward energy. It’s purely physics.

“An object in motion tends to stay in motion. An object at rest, tends to stay at rest.”

Another tidbit from Hugh Macleod, in his Evil Plans book (can you guess which book I am now reading?):

Evil Plans are like snowballs, they require “Random Acts of Traction”. “Random Acts of Traction” is a phrase I use a lot these days. It seems to be the story of my life. I put stuff out there–cartoons, prints, a book, a blog post…whatever. Some of it works, some of it goes nowhere.   — Hugh MacLeod

Isn’t it sooooo hard getting started at something?  But, once you put your mind to it, and start, it seems like you can’t stop? And then when you stop, for whatever reason, it takes you more time to get back into the thing, if at all?

If you’re a shiny ball follower like myself, and some people I know here (ahem, not mentioning any names), I encourage you to pick something you’ve wanted to do, been meaning to do, and just start it.  Don’t wait for the perfect tool, the perfect time, the perfect place. As Tony Robbins has been known to say, “When will NOW be a good time?” Schedule it, start it, and consistently stay at it until it’s done. Pick those key, top 20% of efforts, if-when done, will yield you 80% of your successes. Start one now – just one small task aiming you toward completion. Schedule the others and commit to doing them.  Don’t be tempted to follow the other 80% of your tasks that will distract you and only yield you 20% of a return in value.

We are on the cusp of a new year, of untold success and accomplishment. Each month when I look around the room, I see the tremendous impact and traction that could be made in & for the world (even if just Orange County). It makes be want to pull a John Belushi ‘Bluto’ from Animal House “Who’s With Me!?! C’mon!” (some great clips on YouTube which I didn’t include a link for because of language), or even Tom Cruise Jerry Maguire “Who’s coming With me? Who’s Coming with me besides flipper here!?!”.

I want to challenge you to respond here to this post  (or via email) with your Top 20% Items that you will commit to make Traction on this coming year. So next year at this time – we can document, present, and show all we have accomplished.

As Victor Broski quoted Darren LaCroix in his Weavering Stories post:

Get your excuses out of the way.

Get them out of the way now – we’ve got work to do fellow Speakers! Who’s coming with me!?! Who’s coming with me besides Robo-buddy here?!!? One task leads to another, and to another, and…..

I wish you a happy, healthy, and successful New Year!



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