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"Big Jack" Nichols

Big Jack’s Corner.

“You don’t know Jack!” Actually, you do. We all do. Jack Nichols, that is.  aka “Big Jack” to most of us.

If you’re paying attention, you’ll hear him imparting some good wisdom at some point during your conversations with him.  If he’s shared something memorable with you, and you’d like it posted here, please send it along.


On Speaking:

 Think in terms of segments, not in words – to create your best speech & be able to speak on the fly.

 “Many people play at doing business and most do at least have a dream company that may or may not really have a chance of success.  That is like Hobby speaking.  Something you do while you are doing something else. “


On Success:

 It all comes down to one thing:  having guts and confidence in your thinking.

“I see you as a “mess of talent” and a “bucket full of ideas”, all for the asking. “

 “Most failure is more a failure to plan.”

 “Even the bad is good, because it shows there is something happening. “

“Let’s look at success this way.  You are an owner of a cow that can produce milk.  You build that cow a shed, you have all the milking things you need, a stool, and a bucket.  You brush the cow and you wash the places the milk will come out.  You even see the cow’s sack getting larger and larger, but you do not milk the cow.  All that work, and planning, and money you spent and not a drop of milk.  It is time to milk the cow. Start small but get some milk.  A cup full then a bucket will follow.  Soon you will need to get two buckets and you will be thinking of expanding to three cows. That is success.”

“Start small.   Understand that it is ok to fail at times and that nothing gets done in the time we expect.  You are not a failure or a success at everything you do, no matter how hard you try.   Proof:  You look at something you did 10 weeks ago and see if you totally agree with what you did or would you make some minor changes.   That is ok, because most things evolve into the finished product. You will also.  And then you will change again.  Evolve again and change again.”

“Just do and send. “

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