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Don't be afraid - learn to Own the Stage!

Fellow Speakers Bureau members: Remember back in August Darren LaCroix joined us for a coaching / evaluation extravaganza?  We all didn’t know what to expect, other than we were told to start a 1-2 minute speech, and we would be evaluated by Darren?

Many of us first thought that was crazy, but it ended up being one of the most informational and educational evaluation processes we’ve ever been through!

For those of you who missed the event, or who are new to OC Speakers Bureau, Darren LaCroix came to our meeting, and several of our members were brave enough to step up to the stage, and begin their speeches. What an amazing process for everyone!

Now, we ALL KNOW that evaluations here at Speakers Bureau are our main vehicle for growth and qualification. But Darren took those evaluations to a whole new level! Everyone benefited, everyone had takeaways, and all of the members that were there walked away with tips and techniques to be better speakers.

Well, hold onto your green evaluation forms, because Darren is returning, along with Ed Tate, to do another Own the Stage Presentation using similar techniques as above.  They will be appearing in Long Beach, in conjunction with District One Speakers Bureau as the host this time. Check out all the detail in the Own the Stage Flyer!

When:   Dec. 16th

Where: Century 21 Action! Offices

                   2679 Redondo Ave.

                   Long Beach, CA

You’ll walk out with a coaching checklist and a whole

new perspective on Speaking. Go from good to GREAT!

Darrenteed.  For more on Darren, visit his website






For more on Ed Tate, the speaker who energizes,

educates, and entertains, visit his website [here].

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