Holiday Cookie Time

Santa isn't the only one who likes cookies!


It’s that time of year again, where we gather around the hearth to eat cookies and share stories and memories from the year that is sadly, and quickly, coming to a close.

Ok, well, we don’t quite have a ‘hearth’, but we do have our Speakers Bureau meeting room at Crystal Cathedral! And we will have cookies especially if you bring them!!


Let’s create a festive close for the year, and break some cookies with friends while listening to how to tell better stories, and how to incorporate them.

Make or buy your favorite cookies so we can have a holiday cookie sharing meeting.  Big Jack likes all kinds!

We will also have water, milk, and coffee to dunk those cookies into.

Come close out this year toasting the accomplishments of your fellow Speakers Bureau members (maybe using some of Michael’s Toasting Tips), over cookies and coffee or milk!

See you, with some awesome cookies, at 7pm on Wednesday, 12/14/11 at Crystal Cathedral Family Center Building on the 3rd Floor…listening to Ed Tate guide us on better story telling techniques.

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